Boston Harbor? Dump away!

7 May

Moving is singularly the most annoying process that a person has to go through.

This move-out is the fourth and final college move-out. It’s undeniably surreal — I don’t think it’s hit me yet that there won’t be a following move-in  during September. No more RA training, no more hot nights in a brand-new bedroom with bare walls that eventually will be coated in college-esque posters and pictures that you have to re-print every year otherwise they end up sticking to each other when you have to undergo yet another move in May.

Anyway, my father drove up from South Jersey on Friday night to move out 90% of my stuff (where does it all come from?!?!) Besides the typical male-parental response of “do you really  need all those shoes?” and “YOU HAVE SO MUCH CRAP” (to which I usually respond with — “You have no idea how lucky you are compared to other females’ fathers from this school.” “I wear all of it!” “But that’s my weekend bag, that’s my going out bag, that’s my work purse, and that’s my weekend bag. No really, it makes a difference.” “I’ll read all of them eventually! And I wanna keep those for my first apartment’s bookshelf — they prove I learned philosophy in college…I don’t really remember exactly what they meant but whatever”) 

Although he may have a point with the shoes.

I feel like when I get back “home” (PANIC ATTACK COMMENCE) I have to go through everything and just dump whatever I have that’s unnecessary. I really mean it, because it’s gonna be impossible to move it all back into an apartment myself, and I would like to start fresh.

I also sent home 90% of my tea, so my options have been limited to Earl Grey (surprised?), English Breakfast (aka: Caffeinate me), Chai, and Cranberry Blood Orange herbal — basically my Twinings set. So as I sit in my bleak-walled room, limited closet, and attempt to work on finals, whilst worrying about job applications, I’m gonna kick back with some of the tea I didn’t dump and hope everything works out in the next two weeks.

Did I mention today is my last day of RA duty….EVER?




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