Bag Trick

28 Apr

In case you’re like me, and occasionally you wake up with puffy eyes due to the awful pollen count this week (or any other reason that would cause your eyes to be a little swollen in the morning…), there is a temporary solution: tea bags.



I woke up yesterday with my sinuses exploding and my eyes basically swollen to a size smaller than they usually are, so I went into my cabinet and pulled out two chamomile bags, wet them under the faucet with cold water, and put them over my eyes.

Ah, instant relief.

Seriously, it works. Green tea or black tea is supposed to work better — which is true. I think it has something to do with the caffeine. The chamomile worked just fine for me though. It was like taking cold water and splashing it on my face, but directly zoned in on my eyes. It felt like I had injected  refreshing energy into my skin.

Just wet the bags with cold water, and pop on your eyes. Dab on the areas of your face where you find sinus points if they are swollen, too.

Tea = solution for everything. 


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