“My dear, you have THE GRIM”

26 Apr


Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the grim and maybe I didn’t have my problem solved by meeting a long-lost uncle of sorts. But it was a “dark cloud.”

I went to a psychic for this blog, thinking it would be a fun, interesting way to talk about the anxieties of life ahead.

While most people are hesitant to believe psychics are anything more than rip-offs trying to sell the past, future and present in the form of big, expensive candles, my mother is a psychic-subscriber. She believes they are excellent observers, who can read other people extraordinarily well and see potential futures based on what they observe.



Most of my thoughts around the buildings scattered across the city labeled with, “Psychic Readings and Advice” contained words like “false” “probably not” and “uncomfortable,” but I was never vehemently against them either. I like being a psychic-agnostic, never quite sure where I stand in regards to some sort of abstract sensibility.

Well, I just had quite the psychic adventure. I went on a hunt for a tea-leaf reader. What better way to drink tea and figure out my life (maybe)? I was kind of excited — maybe it would be a fun way to get someone else’s idea of what my post-graduate life holds. The serious dork I am, I thought it would be some woman dressed to the nines in gypsy-attire reading out of a teacup, while I sat there fascinated and entertained at what she saw.

For the record, it’s not like that.

First of all, I didn’t get my tea leaves read. Getting your tea leaves read costs $200 apparently (the Western ideal of a psychic reading out of a tea cup is extraordinarily overpriced — who would have thought?!) and that’s just not worth the cost. Secondly, I went up this dinky staircase to the apartment, and upon walking into a tiny, slender foyer  was invited to sit down and then told the price.  Leaving without any patronage  seemed incredibly difficult, especially because the space wasn’t wide enough for me to walk past her to the door, so I gave in to her haggling and had her read my palm for $15.

Unless you want to hear some wonderful things about yourself, followed by some darker mysterious hints about your future, don’t get your palm read. My creativity, one husband and two kids, current/future promise of travel, early success by 30 and meeting my soul mate at 24/25 was quickly followed by a “…but your heart is a little disappointed.”



**Please note that as psychics read you, they also ask you questions along the way. So at first she only knew I was 21 — and of course I was the lovely woman (b8***) who barely gave her anything to see what she would come up with — and then slowly and surely she discovered my major, and that I used to want to be an actress (like 5/6 years ago)**

She then told me that my disappointed heart is related to my not wanting to do what I had always wanted to, and I had a big dark cloud in front of me unless I made some changes in my life….

…..And she could help me sleep better and avoid the impending doom with scented candles.

Although I have always been skeptical before, the grim that she saw in my cup scared me more than I thought it would. With graduation looming in the near distance, the last thing I wanted to hear was a bad omen.

But my anxiety seems to have been at least altered after my mystic experience. After my initial hesitance at the thought that I could be walking into something I didn’t want, I realized: this woman has no idea who I am. And ultimately, she may “See” some future of mine — but that’s not the future I want, nor is it the future I am or will be working toward. So really, her sight is advice constructed on generalizations that fit with a lot of people after analyzing observations.

If I don’t want to walk into a cloud of darkness, I just need to have some faith that I won’t, and if I start to — change direction.

Maybe there is some sort of “sixth sense,” and some people are oddly gifted at being able to predict the future. But ultimately, I’m taking the “extremely talented sales” stance.

I mean, even if she knew a few weird things about me that she couldn’t have stated confidently otherwise.




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