Hello Gorgeous! Where Have You Been All My Life?

8 Apr

Look at that sunshine. Just look at it. Isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?!

photo (10)

In usual spring fashion, I have taken to the outdoors with some friends, to sit and (attempt to) do work. But, as a second term senior, I’m not quite sure what “7 page paper” even means anymore (sad, because at this point you’d think I’d be used to 15 page papers).

We’ve had quite a few nice days — and luckily, this weather leaves us with many iced tea options. Shaking things up and going for some cool drinks is the best way to break that winter chill in favor of a spring fever (and that post-graduation anxiety can be held off for at least a few hours outside. Maybe. If you let it).

My recommendations?

1. Shaken Black Tea Lemonade: From Starbucks (yeah yeah, it’s not anything different or crazy, but hey, it’s too good to say no to).

2. Argo Tea’s MojiteaIf you like mojitos, this could be your non-alcoholic jam.

3. Twining’s Black Pomegranate Tea Bags: Brew normally, throw over ice. Not too sweet but just enough of a fruity flavor to refresh you. So good.

4. Sweet Tea: My stepmom lived in North Carolina for awhile and makes this a lot. She doesn’t use simple syrup but it’s still tasty. At least it’s a little — well, probably…maybe …most likely not — better for you.
– Tie 8 Lipton tea bags together
Put tea bags in a pot of water
– Turn the stove on low-medium heat and let brew almost until water is boiling
– Immediately add as much sugar as you’d like — I usually do 1 cup, but 2 is good
– Stir until dissolved
– Pour into big plastic dispenser and put in fridge 

5. Chamomile — It’ll soothe your worries about having only 4 weeks of class left (did I just say that?…), and calm you down once you’ve got that first sunburn of the season (….well hopefully that doesn’t happen. But some of us just can’t help it….)

NOTE: Buy some honey from a local producer where you live and take a teaspoon everyday (either straight-up or in your tea). It’s supposed to help you become accustomed to the pollen in your area, and thus alleviate some of those nasty allergy symptoms.

I suppose I should go back inside to A) stop the redness that’s developing on my arm **see below**, and B) get some of these papers and job applications done. But realistically, after all of the job search things I have done already, I feel myself starting to slow — which isn’t so great, but hey, at least I’ve got some tea and sunshine. 

photo (11)

Clearly I didn’t get enough sun this winter…

Happy Spring! 


One Response to “Hello Gorgeous! Where Have You Been All My Life?”

  1. vcamaj 16/04/2013 at 2:37 pm #

    Great way to tie tea in with the nice weather!

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