“I Got Nasty Habits; I Take Tea at Three”

3 Apr

I have discovered a new way to drink my tea. The best part is I can use my new tea cups in a semi-traditional way.

photo (4)

French press to the rescue! If you put tea leaves in the bottom of your French press — like you would coffee — and then add hot water, steep it, and then push the press down – you get loose leaf tea in a tea pot with a filter built in. Tah-dah.

This has become my new obsession. Instead of tea bag after tea bag, I’ve instead changed my addiction into a binge habit. I drink an entire pot of tea in one sitting.

I look like a bit of a pretentious nerd sitting and drinking it out of my little English tea cup in a crappy Walsh room with a trunk as a make-shift table, but whatever. If I counted all of the silly things people did in Walsh rooms (nay, any university housing room) I could write a book (oh look at that. Inspiration).

So, if you would like to simulate, here are the steps:

photo 12  photo 11  14  13

1. Put about 2 teaspoons of loose leaf tea for every 8 oz of water that you plan to use in the press. (I just use a normal size spoon, and get a nice heap of tea on it two times, and then a half. I suppose that’s “eyeballing”.)

2. Boil the water. It shouldn’t actually be boiling — just before it hits that point. Otherwise the water is too hot and will affect the leaves differently.

3. Pour the hot water over the leaves in the press. Spin the press so that the water pours over all of the leaves.

4. Sit the lid in the top, and slowly press down.

5. Either pour into a mug / tea cup / tall glass / whatever. Or use a teapot — this way, your tea won’t over-steep and become bitter. But, unless you really plan to drink your tea perfectly every time (and wash more dishes), the press will work just fine.

6. Repeat as many times as you’d like, or until you realize it’s becoming unhealthy.

Pardon me, I must be off. It’s teatime in Walsh…


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