The Little Things

20 Mar

Life certainly never gets boring. Even after you come back from spring break and have to start up your normal daily living.

The rest of my week has been, overall, fantastic. And I’ve come to a conclusion: I am relocating. I’m in the process of figuring out how to do so, but it’s going to happen.

My friend in London thinks I should go the MA route, so I can see what it’s like to properly live there, and it’ll be the easiest way to get an internship and/or part time job, so I can try and get my foot in the door. But I’m not sure it’s smart to spend another $20,000 and go further into debt. Ultimately, it could help my career, I suppose, so it’s still an option.

I have other options though. I’m looking into Bunac still, because they offer a year long program for working — not interning — in Ireland.

But making the decisions is both exciting AND difficult!  I think one of the most difficult things about “growing up” and “moving out” is trying to make your decisions for yourself, regardless of whether you gain support from parents — and I don’t mean the type of support where they’ll shake their heads and worry about the decisions you’re making and not think it’s the best one. I mean the support where they stand behind you and encourage what you want. It doesn’t always work like that, and I feel like I have to defend my decisions…when in reality…. I’m (“supposedly”… So everyone says…) an adult and, well, that would mean I really don’t have to.

So, I’m trying to come to terms with that right now. Honestly, its not a bad situation to be in. It’s a good one; I am able to live my life and just need to know that my decisions are my own. (Hence the meme below…)


It’s a good week. Stressful, yes, but definitely good. I have great “big-picture” things ahead: the last two months of undergrad with friends, a whole lot of options for post-graduation, the prospect of a new apartment / place, and so on. So many reasons to be happy!  

Just a little list to show…

1. Life is never boring. There will always be something new popping up (whether its a good challenge or a particularly tough one — you could be better for it).

2. You make your own opportunities. (Well, in the experience of being who I am and growing up how I did, I’ve been lucky enough to be in a position where I can make this statement. But I digress, and will avoid making this political.)

3. I now have two beautiful teacups, from which I can consume whatever new teas I would like: Black Winter Spice (from this really tiny tea store off of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh), Earl Grey out of the limited edition 2012 tin, Cranberry Blood Orange, or Pomegranate Green.


Teacup #1 from Camden Stables Market

And the other one…..


Teacup #2 from antiques vendor in Notting Hill

4. My room always has a ton of sunshine coming in the window.

5. Pete’s Cafe exists (Italian omelet, anyone? That just happened a few hours ago…)

6. Good health. Seriously. This is one we all take for granted. 

7. Amazing friends

8. The Irish cheddar, English clotted cream, scones, and jam that are currently in my fridge. (Thank you, Myers of Keswick. Thank you).

9. The fact that my burn is pretty much healed! Translation: No more pain and…(drumroll please)…. I can go to the gym again FINALLY.

10. Snapchat. I don’t really need to explain this one. 

Anyway. Gotta run. Friends are coming over for some tea!


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