Irony’s a funny thing…

10 Feb

Funny story….A tea blogger burnt herself with tea. 

I have a superficial second degree burn on my stomach, and small blisters on my thumb.

It was pretty embarrassing. I finished my tea on the subway, before I even got to work. So, I put my stuff on my chair, went to refill my travel mug with hot water from the machine, sat back down, and promptly knocked the boiling hot water over as I came up from turning on my desktop computer.

I screamed, jumped up from my chair, danced around, and, also horrifyingly, said “holy shit” in front of the 10 people that were in the office.

Awesome. Still haven’t quite gotten over that last part.

Luckily the people I work with are some of the nicest I have ever met. They were so wonderful and helpful. I couldn’t have asked for better supervisors. I ended up going to an urgent care center around the block and saw a doctor, and one of the women I work for stayed with me the whole time. My other supervisors have checked up on me and got me a change of clothes! Nicest people ever.

Doctor’s verdict? Superficial second degree burn. 3″x1″. The area surrounding the 2nd degree burn is just 1st degree — basically a sunburn. So thankfully, it’s not bad. It doesn’t hurt anymore — after the initial coating of bacitracin and ibuprofen it stopped. It’s just a little uncomfortable. I’m on antibiotics, can’t exercise until it scabs, and it’ll take 10 days to 2 weeks for it to heal.

I made myself tepid hot chocolate earlier. I may avoid hot water  for awhile. (haha)



2 Responses to “Irony’s a funny thing…”

  1. Emily 21/02/2013 at 12:28 am #

    Ouch! I had a bad burn from an overflowing coffee machine and it made my freckles peel off! Feel better!

    • hschaffer 26/02/2013 at 1:59 am #

      OUch!!! You never really realize how hot this stuff is until it hits you. Haha. Thanks. I’m doing better now. I have had dreams about avoiding hot water lol.

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