Seek and you shall find … I found the chai!!

6 Feb

I was fishing through my overly-stuffed cabinet just the other day, trying to reorganize the mess that has accumulated over the course of the year, when I found….the chai! It was hiding all the way in the back corner, and when I discovered it, I felt incredibly excited. And even better — there are still plenty  of bags in the box.

I got pretty excited when I rediscovered it because chai is a special tea – it’s a black tea, and therefore caffeinated, with all the delicious goodness of cinnamon, cardamom and a bunch of other spices, so it has a bit of a kick. Some people don’t like it quite as much, but I think it’s the perfect winter/fall tea.

photo (2)

I’m currently sitting in my friend’s apartment — with one of the chai bags — trying to get my thoughts together. This week has been kind of crazy. Today alone was crazy — fifteen minutes ago, I went down to the cafe and got hot water and a cup because by the time I got back from the city, and after a meeting on campus, I wanted to stop over and say hi to my friend before I ran to class — and a mug just wouldn’t survive all of that moving around. But mugs give a bit more comfort sometimes — kind of like how, a wise woman told me, a glass of red wine at the end of the day is just like a hug. (That’s another blog entirely).

This woman I just mentioned also is kind of like my mentor. I originally wasn’t going to talk about this on a public blog — but it’s something I realized this week. I’ve never really had another person I looked up to; someone I wanted to be just like. Yes, parents are great, but parents are different — they give great advice and support, but they aren’t in the field I want to go into.  This sort-of-mentor of mine is in journalism. She’s young and successful, an incredibly friendly person, has traveled all over the place and knows so much about wine…things that I’ve kind of always wanted to do and learn about extensively. And for whatever reasons, she helps  me with resumes and career advice, and really has tried to help me out as far as networking and jobs, and lets me help with projects…and it’s a little cheesy but she’s just kind of in a place I want to be.

Anyway, the point is a little different.

I wanted to get more bylines this semester, before having to send clips to potential employers.

I looked all over for opportunities. No offense to anyone reading, but the university paper wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. Instead, I found an online magazine — a for-women-by-women site — and I applied.


A few days later — this past Friday — they asked me to be a monthly columnist! Woo hoo! So, now I have a monthly column I’ll write — for free, which is totally ok — on this web magazine.

And now I’m a little stressed because I need to come up with a few ideas ahead of time so I can schedule out when I’m going to write/send in the pieces (I’m a little Type A). And then on top of this,  at my work on Tuesday, my supervisors asked me to come up with some pitches for blog posts by this Friday.


I get a call from the woman I mentioned, asking me if I’d be interested in working on a project for her. I am extremely excited — it’s really interesting (and I am so flattered that she thought of me)!

So now, I have a whole lot of work on my plate. I suddenly have a lot of the experience I wanted to get. While this is fantastic, and I’m really happy about it — I also need to get working. Good thing I found the chai at the same time as all of these wonderful chances snowballed my way.

Seemingly, after searching out opportunities for yourself, sometimes they just pop up randomly.


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