OK this cover letter thing is getting old.

27 Jan
Courtesy of Mashable

Courtesy of Mashable

Decaf tea was probably the worst thing I could have chosen. I still have…(counting chrome tabs)…. eight job applications to fill out.

And by “applications” I mean cover letters. Which, as we all know, are the bane of the applicant’s existence.

I’ve done somewhere between five and ten so far today — no, I can’t even keep track — and the thought of having to move around another sentence or adapt my online editorial/production cover letters to television production cover letters is giving me a headache. So the debate was: caffeine to be an energizer bunny, or no caffeine and sleep early. Clearly sleep won…this time.

In the incoming few months, the class of 2013 will begin to feel the final panic: the oh-no-I-need-an-income panic. Some people will move back home, some will couch surf with their business friends who had jobs confirmed by November, and some of us will be employed. The hardest part about ensuring we are one of the employed, and not one of the unintentional couch surfers, is the application process: Getting out those cover letters and resumes to companies, getting interviews, and nailing offers down.

There were a number of business students with offers before winter break, which left many students of different majors wondering, “Am I supposed to be applying already?!” Across the board, the biggest question I’ve heard my fellow future graduates asking is, “When DO we apply?” How soon is too soon? Will we even get hired if we apply in late January or early February? How long will a company wait?

When friends are getting hired in the fall, it’s hard not to feel pressed for time and worried that all the good jobs will go. Journalism jobs are quite cut-throat as it is — so we wonder, does applying early give us a leg up? For business students, they can apply for major companies like JP Morgan and Goldman Sach’s and get hired as early as the summer before their final year. But it seems as though all of the online media or television jobs need someone pretty quickly…making me feel a little discouraged way sooner than I should.

Luckily, there have been some studies saying journalism students are actually getting hired more than they were a few years ago. So as I sit here drinking my decaf tea, attempting to breathe a little easier, I am reminded that “58.4%” of communication majors found jobs. Oh cool. So a little more than half get hired.

The sad part is I just want a job so badly that starting early was supposed to make me feel better because I was being proactive. Now I just feel stressed. Luckily someone I know, who graduated last May, informed me she didn’t start applying until March and was hired before May 18. So it seems, fellow communication majors, that we might have a little more time before we should begin to feel the stress. It’s hard, but we can do it.


One Response to “OK this cover letter thing is getting old.”

  1. cheypons 13/02/2013 at 10:31 pm #

    I absolutely despise cover letters too but a great trick I learned is to make different ones for different kinds of jobs you see yourself doing. Also, make a “master” resume that you can easily swap things in/out of!

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